Sunday, May 21, 2006

"big fat vag."

hiya. here's the story of a tame saturday night.
(please note c has told me that "this is not one of my better posts." as if any of them are better.)

it got started by me making fish faces.

then i had an obscene frozen treat.

i then asked myself "where's the party at?",
luckily i found this sign. apparently i could go either direction.

we met up with l & x.
after a glass fernet branca. we decided to go hang out at the deli.
and check out the produce.

l was totally humping this lady, but my camera finger is slow.

we then moved on to FANNY, which in england means "big fat vag" according to x.
the food was rather vag-ilicous.

while waiting for our table, batman joined us.
his mom had to move the batmobile.

he also declared that he had been spiderman earlier that day.
check out this little dude's pose, badass:

intense makeout session:

salt and pepper (ever heard of it?):

this morning we woke up to a dead crow on the adjacent roof. this is apropro to nothing. just kinda gross:


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