Tuesday, May 23, 2006

what's up with my heart when it skips a beat?

i am in love with this song. it went from kinda liking it, to full blown love:
the coral - dreaming of you

right click, open link in new tab/ window or whatever, listen and read.

sunday night l & i attended the national. it was kickass.
doveman, though, was not kickass.
it was morissey, but worse. gah.
and we conveniently missed baby dayliner.

we were tripping balls, apparently, during the show:

here's a song by the national - lit up.
"Cuz you're the low life of the party, bad blood
Bad blood for everybody
I'm in control and I believe "

break to monday night-
soccer at 138th and riverside.
we lost.
it was windy and sunny and pretty out:

then i flew downtown to meet k & nj to see
gnarls barkley and spank rock:

k and nj:

k and me:


and that's that.


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